The Men's Club of Sun City Center, founded in 1962, is qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Its purpose is to provide and promote charitable community service, cultural, social and civic interest, and to cooperate with other clubs and organizations in the best interest of Sun City Center.
The genesis of the Men’s Club dates back to 1962, just a few months after Sun City Center, itself, was founded. Through early interviews and comments passed down through the years, we know that a small group of men often met socially at the old "Kings Inn" Restaurant in the latter half of 196; at some point, they were encouraged by Stan Clark, the Activity Director of the Del Webb company, the original developer of Sun City Center, to expand into an organized club. In February 1963, the club was formally established with Wallace Forde named as its first president. According to a report in the Tampa Bay Times, the club had 100 members when it was founded. Its first formal event was to be a Ladies Night on February 27, an event that later became an annual tradition.

The club’s first year was filled with activities, starting with a reception for the town’s first doctor, Joel Fyvolent. followed by a beach party, a Hawaiian themed party, a Halloween party and an all-community party at Bahia Beach. By the end of 1963, the club had reached 230 members according to a report in a community newspaper. Lunch meetings were being held on the third Wednesday of each month, a tradition that has continued for more than five decades and, in addition, the club has continued to sponsor events to which the entire community was invited.

In 1991, the club took a new direction as it began offering the Lifeline Medical Alert service to residents under the direction of member Harvey Cooper. Installation was done by volunteer members of the club. The program grew quickly and, by 2008, two administrators and a dedicated office were needed to cover the hundreds of installed units! In that year the club also formally incorporated as a not-for-profit organization; subsequently, it was granted exempt status under Section 501(c)(30 of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Lifeline Program was the first of what have become the Men’s Club’s Lifecare Programs. Those programs now include several support groups for residents facing serious ailments as well as sponsorship of monthly educational programs and a biennial health fare. For more about those Lifecare programs, click here. The Men’s Club has taken on other projects to aid the community, as well. For example, the club has installed electric doors to ease access to community buildings for the handicapped. New hearing aid devices have been installed in several public meeting rooms. Automatic defibrillator units have been installed around the campus.

Starting in 2013, the club offered the first of what has become a regular series of programs focused on consumer protection themes. The first program was brought to us by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and was entitled “Too Good to Be True”. Subsequent programs have been co-sponsored by the Florida Department of Consumer Affairs and the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. The event is now a regular occurrence each Spring.

Membership has stabilized at about 500. Monthly luncheons featuring guest speakers occur on the third Wednesday of each month except for May and December. In May December we invite our ladies to a more formal luncheon to celebrate the support of the women of our lives. In February the club continues the tradition of Sweetheart Ball begun in 1963 with a Valentine’s Dinner-Dance.

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Above is The King's Inn as it appeared in the 1960's. Today it stands as the Sun City Center Inn. The restaurant component was destroyed by fire in 1971. A replacement built a year later operated until 2002 when it was replaced by the current Walgreens Drug Store. Stan Clark is shown at the right.
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