The Men's Club of Sun City Center, founded in 1962, is qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Its purpose is to provide and promote charitable community service, cultural, social and civic interest, and to cooperate with other clubs and organizations in the best interest of Sun City Center.
1963 Wallace Forde
1964 W. D. Byrne
1965 Charles M. Doak
1966 Earl H. McAdow
1967 Robert G. Dibble
1968 William P. Battell
1969 Claude VanWie
1970 William I. McLaughlin
1971 Russell A. Bovim
1972 Lloyd L. Fisher
1973 Clair V. Aggers
1974 Carl A. French
1975 Patrick J. Ryan
1976 C. T. R. Yeates
1977 Edwin A. Wilson
1978 Victor J. Lemke
1979 John L. Crooks
1999 Walter Cawein
2000 George Erp
2001 Lou Tovey
2002 Tyler Sturdevant
2003 Lou Tovey
2004 Jerry Mahoney
2005 Steve Csintyan
2006 Dick Farrow
2007 Al Anderson
2008 Bob Deutel
2009 Jay Sparkman
2010 Peter Walker
2011 Gary Kaukonen
2012 Carl McGary
2013 Jim Rottman
2014 Gary Baker
2015 Ron Pelton
1980 Robert S. Wilson
1981 Robert S. Wilson
1982 Norval (Bill) King
1983 Leo J. Himmelsbach
1984 Robert J. Heckert
1985 C. Gregg Geiger
1986 Charles C. Brewer
1987 Harvey E. Reum
1989-90 R. James Trettel
1991 Hubert C. Lewis
1992 Walter Fishback
1993 Norman E. Baker
1994 Dallas Tuthill
1995 Dallas Tuthill
1996 Harold Johnson
1997 Cornell Clarke
1998 George Tateosian
2016 Art Smith
2017 Don Murphy
2018 Joe DeFelice
2019 David Floyd
2020 David Floyd
We Honor Our Past Presidents
Here are the names of the men who have led our club since our founding in 1962.
Serving the Sun City Center Community Since 1963
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