The Men's Club of Sun City Center, founded in 1962, is qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Its purpose is to provide and promote charitable community service, cultural, social and civic interest, and to cooperate with other clubs and organizations in the best interest of Sun City Center.
Men's Club Community Projects
Over the years, members of The Men's Club have identified projects intended to improve the quality of life for residents of our community. The club has been pleased to make contributions of nearly $200,000 over the past decade to fund in all or part the project described below.
For more than a decade, The Men's Club has been a participant in the Sun City Center Meals on Wheels program, delivery nourishing meals to shutins and seniors in need. And since the Club turned 50 in 2012, it has been sponsoring Open House programs designed to thank the community for its support ; the events have featured spectacular entertainment, free ice cream and brownies and valuable door prizes.
Serving the Sun City Center Community Since 1963

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