The Men's Club of Sun City Center

Serving the Sun City Center community Since 1963

About Our Club

   The genesis of the Men’s Club dates back to 1962, just a few months after Sun City Center, itself, was founded. Through early interviews and comments passed down through the years, we know that a small group of men often met socially at the old "Kings Inn" restaurant in the latter half of 1962.  At some point, they were encouraged by Stan Clark, the Activity Director of the Del Webb company, the original developer of Sun City Center, to expand into an organized club.

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Men's Club Application

Consumer Protection Events

  Starting in 2013, the club offered the first of what has become a regular series of programs focused on consumer protection themes. The first program was brought to us by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and was entitled “Too Good to Be True”.

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When You're Ready to Join Us

Club Buys Lunch Program

The Men's Club invites prospective members to attend their first meeting as a guest of the club. You may contact an existing member to reserve your place at the meeting or contact our the Men's Club for more information.

Dues Information

New members who join in November or December pay $20 for annual dues for the coming year and $15 to defray the cost of a membership badge.

New members who join between January 1 and June 30 pay $20 for the annual dues for the current year and $10 to defray the cost of a membership badge.

New members who join between July 1 and October 31 pay only one-half of the current year's dues, $10, plus the $15 badge fee.

Renewing members pay $20 annually, due in November/December for the coming year.

Members are also required to pay the stated fee for each monthly meeting they attend, usually $16.00 to defray the cost of lunch.

Click on the link below to download the application. Mail the completed application to

The Men's Club
1002 Cherry Hills Drive
Sun City Center, Florida 33573


Monthly Club Newsletters

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Chronicle 11 - 2022.pdf Chronicle_11_-_2022.pdf 11/5/22 pdf 2,066.47 KB
Chronicle 12 - 2022.pdf Chronicle_12_-_2022.pdf 12/1/22 pdf 1,886.75 KB
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